Posted by: culturescouse | August 24, 2011

Optimism is still alive and well

I follow a lot of people/newspapers/theatres/productions on twitter and one of the things I hate about it is the constant retweeting of praise and positive comments. I understand that organisations are trying to promote their product, but there’s a fine line between promotion and annoyance. Recently, Betwixt! the musical has been a key offender, but I must admit it also amuses me. I have seen Betwixt. It was silly, but fun, didn’t take itself seriously at all and was a perfect fit for a small fringe venue like Trafalgar Studios 2. I enjoyed it. It was not, however, the best musical ever. Or such a hysterical production that I was in tears from laughter. It is definitely not, as more than a couple of tweeters decided, a suitable replacement for Betty Blue Eyes at the Novello Theatre. It can’t even sell out the 100 seat venue it is currently occupying! It amuses me that people think it could actually work in a larger theatre and I do wonder sometimes if they have any sense at all.


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